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Welcome – I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Placerville, providing individual, group, and couples psychotherapy to adults. I utilize evidence-based psychotherapy for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and challenging life transitions such as aging, death of a partner or spouse, and bereavement. My areas of specialization include helping individuals and couples develop new skills and approaches to bring about change in their lives.

Dr. Gary

Areas of Experience

Psychological Issues

  Depression, Anxiety, Stress, OCD, PTSD, Trauma and Abuse Survival, Phobias, Sexual/Relational Identity, Gender Issues

Life Transitions | Adult Relationship Counseling | Medical/Psychological Issues

Life Transitions Including death, dying, depression, aging, bereavement, widowhood, divorce, job problems/stress, grief/loss, birth, survival, survivor of war

Life Transitions

Loss, aging, marriage, divorce, job loss/change, birth, survival, death, dying, bereavement.
Adult Relationshiip Counseling Couples’ communication, marital and premarital, Sexual/Relational Identity, post divorce mediation, gender issues, rape, trauma and incest survivors

Adult Relationship Counseling

Marital and premarital, couple’s communication and negotiation, child rearing, financial and daily living problems, sexual issues, pre- and post-divorce mediation.
Medical Concerns Experience with cancer support groups, depression, anxiety, stress, OCD, PTSD, eating disorders, pain management, somatic disorder, phobias, bulimia


Pain management, eating disorders, somatic disorders, coping with illness, care-giver support.

My Approach


Studies have repeatedly shown that the single most important of successul treatment outcomes is the relationship betwen therapist and client.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for individuals to express their concerns and feelings and be understood.  My role is to collaborate with clients to bring about healthy changes in their lives.

I utilize evidence-based treatment  supported by current to research to help my clients.  No single theory or set of techniques are completely adequate to understand and help bring about psychological and behavioral changes.

My psychotherapy approach includes a number of therapeutic strategies that are based on the needs of my clients, as opposed to a one-size-fits all approach.


My style as a psychotherapist is interactive, asking questions to  explore and understand, clarifying issues and problems, and suggesting alternatives for the client to explore.  Between session ”homework” can be important to begin the change process.

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Dr. Gary Bushweiler’s Experience

A week after the tragedy of 9/11, I was selected and sent with a small group of professionals to work in the small hospital closest to ground zero in NYC (I believe this hospital has subsequently closed). We worked with trauma victims, particularly staff members who were there during the attack. I am honored to have been chosen.

Dr. Gary Bushweiler’s experience includes emergency clinic and hospital emergency room consultation including in-hospital patient consultations.

His career spans about 18,000 hours of group and individual psychotherapy. Included in this is his small private practice and career at Kaiser, where he treated individuals, couples, and offered group therapy.

Dr. Gary Bushweiler’s Education

B.A. – University of Wisconsin Major Psychology | MA & PhD in Psychology, Clinical – Miami University, Oxford, Ohio 

Pre-doc internship at Fort Logan Mental Health Center, Denver, CO.

Intensive year long training in individual, group and family psychotherapy including rotations at an in-patient unit and out-patient clinic. Also, year long rotation at the Child/Family treatment facility where he received training in family systems therapy. He did community psychology work and was instrumental in developing an out-patient clinic in a small mountain town east of Denver (Evergreen).

Successful Dissertation on ‘Empathy Skills Training and Changes in Person Perception’

Clinical Experience Includes Treating Individuals and Groups
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Dr. Gary Bushweiler has treated individuals, couples, and groups with therapy for the following types of problems:






Incest survivors

Rape and other trauma survivors

Couples (marital and premarital)

Job Problems/stress


Eating disorders


Identity Gender issues

Phase of life issues, including issues of aging

Somatic Disorders

Pain Management

Psychological issues (depression, adjustment disorders) related to Cancer and other physical problems

Death and dying

Survivors of war

Child rearing issues

Post-Divorce mediation

Medication management and referrals

Clinical Experience Includes Developing and Implementing Workshops/Groups

His Clinical Experience Includes Developing and Implementing Workshops/Groups for:



Stress reduction

Relaxation training (He developed my own relaxation exercise for clients)


Couples’ communication

Cancer support groups

Breast cancer survivors

Men’s groups

Women’s groups

Staff support groups for hospital employees.



About Dr. Gary

I am a widower. My spouse was also a PhD in psychology and did private practice after a university career as a professor in Psychology. We raised three healthy, well-adjusted sons. I have two dogs who are “lights in the darkness” for me and we live on a hilltop in a home I designed with my deceased spouse.

My hobbies and interests include; Time with and cooking for friends, Trying new recipes and revising old ones, Making new friends, Helping others, My doggies (Joey, Sheltie, and Andy, my sweet Golden), Reading, Learning, Understanding science, Classical Piano, Designing/building wood items (furniture, etc), Designing/sewing clothes, upholstery, curtains, etc., Gardening, Skiing, Scuba Diving, Travel, Movies, Live theater and performance, and Christmas time.